Geo-location, Tracking & VMS

 Satellite Air Time has a long-standing experience of operating Vessel Monitoring Systems and tracking solutions.
To meet the demands of the owners of vessels, vessels or vehicles, we created Globeinfos, online mobile tracking software dedicated for INMARSAT-C  terminals.  
It is already widely used by organizations and companies to maximize the security of their staff at sea . Among other examples, it can be crucial for a crew of general safety at sea or in case of piracy.
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Sailor 6150 mini-C Distress provides the reliability and functionality to meet all vessel monitoring requirements including: Data Reporting, Vessel Monitoring System, GeoFencing and Two-Way Messaging.




The FELCOM 18 is FURUNO’s Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station. It provides a high quality two-way telex and data link between ships and other parties at sea or on land. All functions and services of the Inmarsat-C system are provided: EGC (Safety NET/FleetNET), distress message handling, two-way digital store-and-forward messaging including polling, data reporting, E-mail, etc. Distress alert are initiated by the remote distress alert unit. The distress message including own ship’s position is easily edited. A PC can be used for editing the message via Ethernet when it is supplied with dedicated software.




The Furuno Felcom 19 Inmarsat Mini-C Mobile Earth Stations (MES) provide SSAS and LRIT support functionality. The FELCOM 19 terminal is compatible with LRIT applications. It features SSAS capability with optional SSAS alert units. A wide variety of communication schemes available, including telex, FAX, e-mail, EGC (non-GMDSS), and Data reporting/polling. A GPS receiver is incorporated, and its black-box configuration allows for flexible installation.